Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

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We live in one of the most amazing periods in human history, when breakthrough technologies and the speed of their renewal have increased more than ever. Among them, one of the main lines is modern nanotechnology, which by day plays an increasing role in many areas of human life.

Nanotechnology is a field of science and technology in which the theoretical and practical possibilities of creating materials on the scale of 1 nm (millionth of a millimeter) are studied.

For this purpose, scientists have learned to control matter at the level of individual atoms, which already allows you to create materials with predetermined properties, and a couple of decades later will give humanity such things and devices that previously were possible only in fairy tales.

Today this field of science and technology is quite young, but it already has a significant impact on many industries, electronics, medicine and other areas of human life. In the near future, it is expected that those countries that will be able to fully develop nanotechnology and the production of nanomaterials will be able to claim the status of global leaders, as these areas will dominate the sixth technological mode.

The core of these leaders is being formed right now, so if our country wants to count on at least some prospects, we should have thought about developing nanotenologies yesterday.

Nanotechnology in Electronics

Perhaps the most large-scale modern nanotechnology is used in electronics. It is thanks to them that each of us has the opportunity to use powerful computers and laptops, and the potential of handheld smartphones has long surpassed the computational power of any computer in the 90s.

If before the size of transistors necessary for production of any electronics was measured in millimeters and micrometers, in the XXI century, this figure was reduced by hundreds of times, and the smallest modern transistors are made in size of 10-20 nm and contain a few atoms. Thanks to this, more than one billion processors are placed in their processors, and with each new year this scale of nanotechnology application in electronics is only increasing.

Nanotechnology in Medicine

The development of nanotechnology in medicine and biology today is also progressing at an impressive pace. Even individual branches of nanomedicine and nanobiology have emerged and are dealing with all such issues.

Some believe that in the future, these are the industries that will give eternal youth and beauty to man, since already now with the help of nanomedicine they have learned to restore damaged living tissue and grow human organs. Many researchers are working on using special nanoparticles to fight cancer and to diagnose cancer more quickly and effectively. And there are already good prospects in this direction.

Future Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnologies already exist or are being tested, i.e. those that are still only dreaming of scientists and futurologists. For example, at the further progress in the field of nanomaterials and the 3D press possibility to develop nanofurnaces which, as though in a known fairy tale, will be from separate atoms on a command to make any dishes and products quite can open.

Other fantastic subject which quite can appear at development of nanotechnologies, is a cloak invisible. Today we already know about the materials that refract light so that they bend around the object on which they fall, and very soon they will be improved and can be available not only military.